Development history

Aquatex Bentre was established in 1977 by the Bentre Fisheries department. It began as a very small processing workshop with just a few workers and a capacity of less than 100 tons per year. Now after more than 36 years of processing and developing, Aquatex Bentre, has become one of the most reliable seafood processing and exporting companies in Vietnam. It is located in Tanthach Village. Chauthanh District, Ben Tre Province.

In 2003, the government sold 49% of the company to the public, and in 2005, the remainder was sold in the same way. 

After being converted into a joint stock company, Aquatex Bentre became very dynamic and developed very quickly. The two new workshops for processing clams and Pangasius fish have been built to house synchronized equipment. Along with this growth, the number of workers increased to 1,000, and capacity boosted to 10,000 MT of finished product annually.  

In Dec. 2006, Aquatex Bentre was formally quoted in the HoChiMinh Security Exchange, with the stock code ABT. Since then, Aquatex Bentre’s share has been always staying on the top level among the seafood  companies in Vietnam quoted in the stock exchange.  This is thanks to its strategy, which dictates processing only top quality product.