In order to fulfil it’s desire to become the most reliable seafood packer in Vietnam, Aquatex Bentre has constructed a suitable investment policy. They have not built a huge processing factory like many othercompanies, instead, Aquatex Bentre has built  two medium workshops, one for processing Pangasius fish and one for processing white clams using synchronized equipment. It cannot be considered  the most modern processing factory, but because of its long experience in processing seafood, Aquatex has installed suitable machinery and equipment, together with a good maintenance program, all of which means Aquatex Bentre’s factory always has a clean operation status.

We have only one factory with code DL 22, and this factory is divided into two parallel workshops:
- Workshop for processing White Clam
- Workshop for processing Pangasius fish

Some of the major machinery and equipment in the factory is:

- Underground well, with a water depth of 460m with a physical and chemical treatment system
- Metal detector
- Vacuum packing machine
- Steam Cooking belt
- IQF freezing machine
- Flake ice machine
- Contact freezer
- Cold Storage
- Waste water treatment

Although investment and equipment are important, Aquatex Bentre defines its human resources as the most important factor in making a high quality product. Aquatex Bentre, has therefore, made worker safety and security its first priority. This has helped Aquatex successfully build a team of 1,000 loyal and experienced workers, together with well-trained and experienced management staff.

In order to control the quality of its product throughout the process, Aquatex has successfully built a fully integrated system-- 100% is invested and controlled by Aquatex Bentre.At present, Aquatex has one hatchery, Tien Thuy farm, and four growing farms, PhuTuc, PhuTuc A, PhuTuc B and Conban farm.