Quality management applied

-  Aquatex Bentre is one of the first seafood companies in Vietnam to put the HACCP program into seafood production.
- To ensure better management, Aquatex Bentre has been applying ISO 9001:2000, since 2001, and was certified for ISO 9001:2000 late of 2001. Beginning in 2010 Aquatex Bentre was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008.
- From 2008, Aquatex Bentre has been applying BRC and was formally certified for BRC in 2009
- As a requirement for better control and more transparency in cost management, as well as in financial reports, Aquatex Bentre has, since 2009, been applying ERP to the whole company operation: farming, purchasing, processing and exporting.
- In 2006, Aquatex Bentre was certified for a HALAL certificate
- In 2009 Bentre Fisheries successfully applied for an MSC certificate for white clams farmed in Bentre, and subsequently Aquatex Bentre became the first company to be accredited with the MSC CoC, for the white clam
- In 2009, Aquatex Bentre began its  Aquaculture farming practices and in May 2010, Aquatex Bentre formally achieved the GLOBAL GAP certificate for a fully integrated farming system: Hatchery – Aquaculturing – Processing.
 - Due to the growing concern of global consumers, Aquatex Bentre started to do responsible and sustainable farming, and in 2013  it was formally certified by means of an ASC certificate.
- In Feb 2014, Aquatex Bentre also achieved the IFS certificate for its operation.