If we consider the quality of the raw fish as one of the major factors affecting the quality of the Pangasius finished product, it’s obvious that a fully integrated production program, from hatchery to aquaculture and processing through to the finished product, all done sustainably as per ASC and Global GAP standards is required.  Since 2010, we have successfully built this system. This fully integrated system is entirely financed and controlled by Aquatex Bentre, it’s not a joint venture with other parties.

Presently, we have:
- One hatchery
- Four Growing farms
- One Processing factory
- One laboratory

Because we are a medium-sized processor of Pangasius fish, Aquatex Bentre can reconcile the hatchery and farming operations with factory processing more easily than a huge processor. Consequently we are proud to confirm to all our clients and partners that, to date, in Vietnam,only Aquatex Bentre has this kind integrated system.