Technical farming process 1

- Pond must have water level 3m depth or more before putting fingerlings.
- When fish have weight 300 gr per fish, water level must be at least 3.5m
1.1. Preparation for pond:
1.1.1 New pond:
- Spread lime (CaCO3) with density 10 — 15kg/ 100m2,  along the bank of the pond and on the bottom of the pond.
1.1.2 Old pond:
- Clear the pond of grass, weeds etc..
- Remove mud deposited at bottom of the pond.
- Spread lime (CaCO) around the bank of pond and at the bottom of the pond.
1.2 Treating water in the pond before putting fingerlings:
- Put water into the pond at high tide, and when the tide at its highest level, start to put water into the ponds.
- After putting water in the ponds, leave for 5 — 7 days for natural deposit then start to treat water.
- Water is treated by BKC or Iodine before putting in the fingerlings.
- One day before putting the fingerlings into the ponds, spread lime CaCO3 with a density of 2 Kg/ 100min order to stabilize the PH of water.