Technical farming process


5.1 Disease caused by virus:

For viral diseases, treat with antibiotics combined with treating the water, detail as bellows:

After mixing antibiotics with the feed for 1 – 3 days, change water combine with treating the water.

Once day after treating water, use lime 1.5kg/100 cubic meter in order to stabilize the PH of water.

In case, no positive result, do above treatment one more time.

After finish treatment the fish by antibiotics, treat the water and then add lime to limit the disease repeat.

Method to calculate treatment dose:

First method: Dose is calculated based on fish weight

Second method: Dose is calculated based on the feed quantity/ fish weight is 5%, not calculate on the real feed weight used.

Only mix medicine with feed for one time feeding. During treatment, only feed 70% – 80% compared to usual.

Note: Do not mix antibiotics with other nutrition chemical such as vitamin C, Premix, Sorpherol,….

Method to Mix medicine:

Water used to mix medicine then spread onto feed is 2 – 3 liters/1 kg feed.

Medicine is well mixed in water;  medicine that’s difficult to dissolve in water must be soaked in water in advance, and stir the medicine so it dissolves fully. Note, when soaking medicine in water must be in cool place, no direct sunlight.

For small fish < 200 gr/pc: feed must be mixed with medicine 100%. When fish > 200 gr/pc, medicine is mixed with not less than 60% feed at a time.

When mixing medicine you need at least two people. Feed is poured onto PP sheet then  spray the water mixed with medicine onto the feed then start to mix by hand. Water sprayed in a specific place, will mix the feed well at that place. Note: feed must be well mixed after spraying water mixed with medicine.

Feed, after it’s mixed with medicine, is rolled out in a flat layer for drying (so that medicine can be well fixed inside the feed), after 30 – 60 minutes you can feed the fish.

Normal disease and treatment:

White spot on liver, kidney (Pus liver, kidney): Treatment: Vime-fenfish (calculate by % florfenicol): 0.1 – 0.2g/kg feed or 0.5 – 1.5g/ 100 kg fish.

Swelled eyes, haemorrhage: Treatment by trimesul with dose 2 gr/kg feed or 1 gr/10 kg fish.

5.2 Disease caused by parasite:

For treatment of fish infected by parasites, in addition to mixing specific medicine into the feed and water, we should use lime to treat the bank of the pond; detail below:

Drain water from the pond.

Spread lime around the pond’s bank ( spread to the limit water level). Note: When take water out of a pond, lime used can not amount to over 2 kg/100 cubic meter)

Leave the pond’s bank to dry for 4 – 6 hours, then refill the pond.

lime-spreading should be done during the preventive treatment for the fish.

Fish are not only infected with one kind of parasite, inside or outside; they can also be infected by both inside and outside parasites, therefore you should have the follow treatment combination ready:

 + Mixing specific medicine (Vime – Clean) into feed)

 + Treating water by FIBA or B.K.C

 + Treating pond’s bank by lime

6. HARVESTING: Harvesting time: 3 – 5 days to avoid fish lose weight from hunger.