In 1990, Aquatex Bentre started processing white clam and yellow clam. Now with more than 20 years experience in processing these bivalve mollusks, Aquatex Bentre understands that  the clams must be 100% sand-free, there should be no dead clams in with the others, and no microorganisms or toxins anywhere. These are the most important factors necessary for maintaining the high quality of the product, and building the reputation of the processor.

By carefully following the company's strategy: producing and supplying only top quality products, Aquatex Bentre has successfully built a reputation as the best processor of white clams in Vietnam. Clients of Aquatex Bentre, have guaranteed that the products they receive are of premium quality. This helps Aquatex Bentre maintain its top position as a white clam processor and exporter, from 2004 to the present.